April 27th 2015 Mystic Monday This week begins with a pretty exciting and promising card layout.

Overall, at a glance I sense that we are being empowered to consider how choosing to be grateful and appreciative of the things in our lives, even if we perceive some of these to be positive in the limited perception we may have of them in the time we are experiencing these things.

We are being reminded that everything is a lesson. These lessons accumulate and give us an abundance of riches in knowledge, experience and tools. This abundance has the potential to lead us to prosperity.

I-am-ChoiceCard #1, I am Choice, speaks to us specifically about understanding that everyday we have the choice on how we perceive what is offered to us. Being able to choose how we react to our situations and experiences is indeed a gift.

That is part of the human experience: The gift of choice.

Each moment we can select from a myriad of possibilities that affect everything. Happiness and sadness are two side of a choice made potentially.

Yes it is that simple.

As we observe the subject in this card it comes apparent that she represents how many of us approach life… carefully yet with some boldness of knowing that no matter what we choose we will have an adventure.

I am GratitudeCard #2 is I am Gratitude and it reminds us that remaining soft during difficult times and being grateful of heart is indeed a better way to react to what we face in our everyday.

Not everything we face is negative in nature but indeed everything, even our blessings, is a lesson. Gifts, such as a smile from a stranger or hearing the giggle of a small child that is nearby but out of your line of sight, can lighten the heart easily.

The true skill is when we can look at a less than positive situation with a light and grateful heart. Being gentle with self in some situations is also allowing gratitude to enter our consciousness.

It has been said, many times and by some very knowledgeable and successful people, that gratitude and a positive attitude are the key to abundance.

I am Prosperity 4x6This is why the 3rd card of the layout made me smile. I am Prosperity reminds us that there is always a gift in all situations. It is our job to dig for the gem within.

I recently spoke to a coaching client, who received this card, about the need to cut through the negative thoughts (as represented by the sword in this card), dig deeper into the reason behind some of her trials (the spade) and find the gift (the treasure chest). What she responded made me smile… she said “It does not look like he had to dig that deeply” and I responded “No, most of the time the lesson/gift is really easy to gain access to. It is simply that many of us fail to even start looking”

So I repeat for you today, that you may hold this is your awareness this coming week:
No matter what you experience and where your choices take you, remember to be grateful for each moment and you will be gifted with the sparkling treasures that keeping your heart joyful brings.

Wealth and fame may be part of this but if they are not you are still best served to not dismiss the less grand treasures. They are still very precious.
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