April 20 2015 Mystic Monday

Mystic Monday Card Reading for April 20 2015


The series of images presented for this reading work really well to express the message: if you want results you must focus and listen carefully in order to truly see what already yours.

I feel compelled to speak about the 3 of these as a unit and compare them with each other rather than work towards breaking down the message in them individually.

The main reason for this impulse seems to be how in each the sphere is featured prominently but in each it has a different impact.

I am Fruition 4x6

In card #1 The sphere seems to be swimming with full potential yet it is simply held there as if it is almost forgotten about.

This is similar to how it is with our awareness and gifts. We know our intuition and potential for growth or new projects is already available to us yet we fail to pay attention or allow ourselves to be fully awake to it.

We fail to celebrate what we already are and can do. We simply don’t fully see ourselves a great part of the time.I-am-Clarity

In card #2 there seems to be an awakening to what we actually are holding within ourselves. The message of the card is to be more intentional about where we put our energy and how this will impact our results.

I am feeling that it is important to point out how the swimming energy present in the sphere of card #1 now appears to be shaping into something more solid … more concrete.

The message here is that what we put our focus on is what becomes real and shows up as results in our lives. We too often choose to focus on what we do not wish thinking we are not capable of having what we desire however the universal truth is: everything we I-am-Freedom-2need to gain what we desire is already a part of us. We are the vessel of our potential. You simply have to look to find it.

The sphere begins to glow in card #3 as the action being taken is to accept and move with confidence… take flight… with the gifts brought to you through this deeper awakening.

The water shown in this card plays a huge part in relaying the message of moving forward towards the freedom available to you as you accept new awareness and understanding of the gentle nudges and faint whispers you used to not notice.

Yes… these 3 cards indeed go very well together to inform us that so much is available if we simply pay attention to what we may have ignored or failed to notice in ourselves until this reminder.

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