The other day I picked up my journal and was initially going to write something akin to an apology in it because I had missed a few days as far as entries were concerned.

But then it came to me…

There is a reason I keep a journal and it would be silly for me to feel guilty about forgetting or not having time to write in it.

The most pressing thing for me about keeping a journal is to have a place to be creatively expressive… not to have it as a task with penalties if I miss a day or two. Even if the one imposing the penalties of feeling guilty is the only one I am answerable to… myself.  This is especially true if the very reason I have not been inputting my creative energy into a journal is in fact due to me other creative outlets that have been feeding my artist spirit.

If the reason to journal was expression and expression was being taken care of in other areas then why would I be guilty of anything worthy of putting worry energy to?

Ok I know… talking in circles a bit today.

The point is… I can recall the quantities of times I have beaten myself up for failing to meet an expectation I personally placed on myself for whatever reason. Missed self-imposed deadlines, shifts in directions in some creative endeavor and the like have all been agonized over regularly. What a waste of energy!

So it was interesting that when I picked up my journal and started to write an apology to myself I found myself instead writing about all the wonderful things I have been doing the last few days while too busy to input into a book. It felt so much better to see the positive side of the equation instead of the negative.  Freeing even.

My single mindedness towards Mystic and the progress that this was perpetuating was not something I needed to feel bad about! It was something to be celebrated and honoured and that is what I decided to do.

I continue to do this as I share this today with you… celebrate your progress and successes even if it has meant that you let the dishes pile up or there are dust bunnies in the corners… you are making something else happen and these other things will wait. Be proud… I know I am… just bring a lint brush if you sit on my couch… cats shed.