Create Heal Teach“I Believe in the Magic of Life, Come See What I See”

A creative soul since my earliest memories, I have spent the better part of my life looking for the creative outlets that I felt would “complete” me.

I have only just recently come to a full awareness that
and this life-long search has only resulted to me finding what was already there all along.

I am currently enjoying the ease of spirit that only can come from discovering that it is not how I express myself that makes me complete… only that I do express myself.

This is the most liberating thing I could ever have claimed about my reason for being and, from this time going forward, I choose to make it both my anchor and my vehicle. What I know, feel and do is not about anyone else but my moments and my choices.

Recently it was brought to my attention that others have enjoyed hearing about my transformation from “seeker to knower” and about how being a creatively expressive person has opened doors for me.

For me, self-expression has come in many forms over the years including photography, art, curating art exhibits, public speaking, teaching and writing and now I realise that these were tools and not “states of being”.

In my opinion, this new awareness can be taught to others no matter what their creative medium is.

?????Do you wish to know the feeling of being able to say:
“No one can tell me that I am doing it wrong!!!” ?????

EACH day I learn and grow and I continue to be blessed with new layers of joy as I continue to celebrate ME.

This new awareness is reflected in all that I do and how it impacts my life. I celebrate these new horizons and I am grateful for the journey that brought me here. This fabulous news can only be multiplied if I share it

I am the expert in that which I am! And I want show you how to do all this for yourself!

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Be light